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The Henry Clay People play good old indie-rock.

February 4, 2008
The Henry Clay People are a really nice rocking band from Los Angeles whose music reminds me a lot of NYC's Oxford Collapse, early Modest Mouse and (of course) Pavement.

These four guys aren't trying to surprise you with any revolutionary musical tricks (no futuristic pedals or gadgets will be considered). The Henry Clay People simply write catchy 3-minute songs with just the right amount of fuzzy distortion to remind you of your college years (if you're somewhere between twenty-eight and thirty-four, that is). You know what I mean, just good old guitar-driven lo-fi indie rock that's incredibly easy to listen to.

You can get their self-released (and therefore hard-to-find) debut record here. It was co-produced by two guys responsible for recording albums for bands like Arcade Fire, Godspeed and Pretty Girls Make Graves. These guys are really good!

The Henry Clay People play The Echo, on Monday, February 11th.


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