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Written by Patrick McNamara

Black Mountain, NC's Adjy (I don't know what that stands for, but from what I know of this band, I just know it stands for something, you heard it here FIRST) is a band of five that freak the fuck OUT on stage in the realest and happiest way, man.

These five play soaring, epic songs sung by emotive songwriter/frontman Christopher Noyes who twists, flails and karate kicks when he sees fit. Instruments include piano, rhodes, vibes, bells, guitars, banjos, synths, hands for vigorous clapping, drums, and seemingly anything else of the percussive persuasion like pipes and boards and tables and things. Make no mistake, banging on things is crucial to the game here and the result is jubilant chaos.

The band also seems to exist in a “no bullshit zone." They're not standing special up there on a pedestal. They're just peeps playing some songs on a stage that often happens to be raised. Rock musician lights are stupid. Inauthentic stage banter is stupid. Merch is stupid. The performer vs. the watcher is stupid. Facebook is stupid. Get in the Adjy zone. The no bullshit zone.

Adjy recently released a two song EP called “Another Flammarion Woodcut" as a preface to their upcoming full-length set for release in _________ A.D. You may stream both below. Please note, the second song is 9 minutes and 25 seconds long so please make sure you have enough procrastination time at your disposal to really give it your best distracted effort. And if you like that (which I think you will, otherwise why am I even writing this, why don't you go alllllll the way back to 2014 (I don't remember one thing that happened that year) and check out their 6 song debut “Grammatology."

The band has recently played shows with The Hotelier + Eternal Summers + You Blew It! + Foxing + Dikembe + Prawn + The Appleseed Cast + now you should be on the right road to wherever it is we're going with all this name dropping. Since this is a band you really need to see live in order to “get it" I will now take the unusual step of posting both those two pre-recorded songs AND a live video at the end of this profile. Just changing the music blobbing game over here, one band profile I never plan on updating at a time.

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Published July 26, 2015



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