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A labor of love, Oh My Rockness has been hand-listing shows for show-goers like you since 2004. Let's keep the goodness going!

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What We're About

Oh My Rockness has always been a labor of love. We (Claire & Patrick - HI!) started the site in 2004 and we're still at it today. We built OMR from scratch without any investors or funding. We have always been 100% independent.

Over the years we've hand-picked and listed over 360,000 shows, profiled over 2100 bands and artists, added a show tracking and alert system ("My Rockness"), built an iOS app and finally brought the site mobile. We cover three cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago. We hope to add more.

We're not a tech platform or an automated algorithmic recommendation engine. We're a people-powered service for music lovers and show-goers.

Why We Need Your Support

While Oh My Rockness may be free to use, it certainly isn't free to make. The two of us spend countless hours each week maintaining "the blob."

In addition to our time, we have major tech costs every year just to keep the site usable and up to current standards. And our wish list of future projects to fund is long -- projects that we just know will improve your show-going life.

Why Now?

When we started OMR in 2004, it seemed possible to support the service through advertising alone. In 2020, it does not -- even with the support of our treasured regular advertisers.

Who Should Support?

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* You have a good night out because of Oh My Rockness.
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What Do You Get With Your Membership?

1.) Oh My Rockness continues to exist.
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5.) Our eternal gratitude! THANK YOU!!

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More testimonials ❤️

Gamechanger + lifechanger! THANK YOU for everything. Just wish OMR was in every city I visit! -- Doug

I've read Oh My Rockness every week for years! It's how I find all my shows. Plus the editorial commentary is hilarious. It's useful AND a joy to read. -- Leila

Oh My Rockness has kept me in the know forever. -- Jason

I've been using (and relying on!) Oh My Rockness for a literal decade and am so appreciative of the work put in to highlight great shows. Indispensable! -- Alex

I have been relying on OMR for gigs as long as I can remember (first in Chicago and now NYC). No other site compares. OMR's tweets and announcements are responsible for me getting tickets to so many unforgettable concerts and comedy shows. Thank you for all you do! -- Gina

Great music/concert blob! 14/10 -- Kate

OMR is life. -- Ema

I've been subscribed to Oh My Rockness since 2006 - holy shit, 12 years! I don't know what I'd do without it. Thank you! -- Elizabeth

Absolutely essential. I've seen bands I love at venues I didn't know to monitor thanks to listings on OMR. -- Jason

Keep live music human! -- Daniel

Thank you for not being an algorithm. -- Kevin

I use this site every day and I'm more than happy to contribute! Thanks for everything, Patrick & Claire! -- Natalie

This is my Chicago show bible!THANK YOU for pointing me to hundreds of awesome shows! Oh, and the emails are hysterical, so sign up for those too. -- Sean

You're the reason I spend too much money on concert tickets every year. Never change. -- Heidi

This is the most important use of the internet in my life, thank you for what you do. -- Anna

Worth every penny for essential service! -- David

Can't imagine not having OMR in my life. -- Andrew

Thank you for all your hard work over the years! I've gone to so many more concerts because of you! -- Annie

So I already made a one time donation. But I got to thinking, what the hell would I do without I have it auto loaded into chrome along with mail and news. It's pretty much the first thing I check in the morning and periodically throughout the date. I use this site so much to get a jump on show ticket announcements that I consider my monthly $10 donation as a subscription to a service just as valuable at AmazonPrime, Playstation Network, or take your pick of entertainment sources. I'll do what I can to help keep it going. -- Tim

Without OMR I would be missing out on so many great shows in NYC! Thank you guys -sending much love! -- Kaoru

been following your blob since i was in high school and half my current age :sob: thank you! -- Amanda

I lose everything I write down. If I didn't have OMR, I would never be able to remember a show again :( -- Karl

I discovered OMR when I was still in HS but would visit my brother in the city. The first show I ever stumbled into via OMR was at the original Silent Barn and honestly changed my perception of what live music could be. Years later I still go to random shows I find on OMR just because the name of the bands sound interesting. Some hits, some misses, but OMR always has my back at the end of the day. -- Arpan

I can't tell you the number of times a friend has told me they're coming to NYC and crashing at my place next weekend (rude) and every single time OMR was there for me with last minute concert ideas. Thanks Claire and Patrick! -- Kevin

Ohmyrockness is the only site I check regularly for anything and the only Twitter worth following that can get you tickets to incredible shows. -- Jonah

OhMyRockness is my number one source for finding out about concerts. There are dozens of shows I've gone to, that I found out about on OMR. I recommend it to every music fan I meet! -- Joe

As a concert promoter that lives 250 miles from NY, this is the most useful, relevant, and enjoyable blob out there. -- Tristan

Even guys almost 60 years old can crush on OMR. -- David

By far the best resource for NYC show information. -- Chris

Nothing makes me feel younger than being able to rattle off band names of shows I've been to that were found on this site. -- Nyssa

I go to 5+ shows a week thanks to the amazing selection listed at OMR :) -- Daniel

Been hitting you guys up for over a decade for my band touring needs. A comprehensive list of rock bands giging. Thank you so much! -- JC


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