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Brooklyn's Air Waves are a very agreeable pop trio led by singer/songwriter Nicole Schneit. She writes concise, acoustic guitar songs with completely bouncy choruses. They'll induce your lips into a wonderful whistle. They'll make your mouth curl up into a smile. They'll make your toes involuntarily start tapping. They'll even make you squat and squawk like a chicken. Air Waves does strange things to a body, I tell you.

And Shneit sings these addictive songs in a nice, smoky style that sounds at times a little like a more optimistic Chan Marshall. Optimism is always nice now and then, isn't it? Leave the angst at home, I gave at the office.

You know, Air Waves songs would be a good soundtrack to this short film idea we've been thinking about. Hmmm. It's about this loveable-but-confused bug that sways on a seaside hammock trying to figure out his future. Post-graduate degree? Job? See the world? It ends with him deciding to do nothing more than crawl out of the hammock and drift slowly out to sea, leaving the brown sand and the blue horizon behind. FIN.

Published August 26, 2009



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