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Written by Patrick McNamara

Philadelphia's Alex G ('cause it's the G in Giannascoli - that scares me to no end*) is a 20-something-year-old singer-songwriter student (Temple University) wunderkind who creates stunningly simple lo-fi bedroom folk pop (live, he's got a band) that will build you up and tear you down and leaving you feeling this life that is. For better. For worse. This guy is good.

Alex G writes a LOT of songs, too. You should see his Bandcamp page sometime. Actually. Go ahead and visit it now if you want. It's OK. I'll wait. (INSERT BREAK). Glad you're back. Aren't you glad you went? I told you the guy was prolific (and good). All those releases (I hope you listened to every single song on all of them) were done on his own.

Alex G's first “official" full-length debut, “DSU," comes out June 17th on Orchid Tapes - the label run by Foxes in Fiction guy Warren Hildebrand. The vinyl is already sold-out before even going on sale. And it will probably make him a star. Or, at least allow him to start opening for guys like Kurt Vile or Deerhunter or Of Montreal or whoever you think after you listen to this wonderful song I've so conveniently posted for you below. (Maybe you'll think Elliott Smith? There's no right answer to this game. It's just a unique way to throw out other artist comparisons instead of using File Under and RIYL. There are no secrets here. Only parentheses.)

Now if you'll excuse me. I'm going to figure out a way of getting that “DSU" vinyl. And maybe someday I can pull it out and impress somebody. It won't be in mint condition though. Because I'm going to play the shit out of it.

(*Whoa My Blobness is referencing The Anniversary's smash hit song “The D in Detroit" from the year 2000 strictly for entertainment purposes and a nod to any aging alt readers of this thing only - nothing about Alex G's music is scary - except how much I'm going to have to pay for that sold-out-before-it's-even-on-sale vinyl - forever and ever amen)

Published May 12, 2014



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