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Written by Patrick McNamara

Columbus, OH’s All Dogs play perfectly constructed indie pop punk that’s super singable and sincere but somehow not cheesy. And anyone who can manage THAT feat is worth at least listening to, don’t you think? This band comes at you with clarity and goes straight for your emotional core. Or, if your heart is too hardened at this point, All Dogs will at least make you tap your toes. (and you should get that heart thing checked because you’re missing out.)

The group of three = singer/guitarist, Maryn Jones + bassist, Amanda Bartley + drummer Jesse Withers. And they keep it simple. You got your 2-3 minute songs. A few loud and distorted chords. Some catchy choruses. Ernest crescendos and bouncy crashes. Lyrical content that considers love and yearning and personal faults and always coming up a day late and a buck short. You know, all the things we love in our indie pop punk bands. But pulling off “simple” like this is often one of the hardest things to do. Do it wrong and you get to listen to someone’s diary. Just what we’ve always wanted. Do it right and you get nothing more than lousy musical transcendence.

As of this writing (2:44pm in The Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment), All Dogs are preparing for a tour with Waxahatchee, a perfect sound pairing (Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield has stated her fondness for All Dogs - so that’s sweet - when it’s just a business relationship, it’s no fun - and if it’s not fun it’s not rock ‘n roll - it’s the “music industry”).

And to throw out another RIYL name, I just wrote about this band Kittyhawk who are throwing down a similarly good vibe. Click that link and read and stream and you’ll see what I mean. And let’s get my other recent poppy punky favorite Chumped in on this action too! All Dogs and Kittyhawk and Chumped should TOTALLY tour together annnnnnnnnnnnd I should mind my own business*.

(*carefull Rockness readers will see this to be the running gag that it is and recycled web content that it’s not - things are way too dynamic around here for such things.)

Anyway, get streaming. And then go see All Dogs. And get busy living.

Published November 5, 2013



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