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Written by Patrick McNamara

Oh you betcha this is about to be another profile about a good band from Philadelphia, you careful Rockness reader you! You. Betch. A! Yes. It seems I’ve been chit-chatting about good bands from Philly a lot lately on this thing. But it’s not my fault that town keeps birthing the musical goodness. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m not trying to start up trouble and say “a scene” is brewing in Philly or anything. I would never! I’m just calling ‘em like I see ‘em. I just play it as it lays. I just work here. I just want us both to be happy.

Amanda X is a band of three ladies (named Cat! Kat! Tiff! - and why did you have to go ruin the name symmetry, Tiff!) who make fuzzy singable lo-fi pop punk. This band likes to use nice and crunchy guitars too - which works out great for me because I love bands that use nice and crunchy guitars.

But somehow those nice and crunchy guitars don’t really make Amanda X sound “grunge-y” (just made that musical term up right now - let’s see if it sticks) or anything - they just sorta make the band sound even more poppy punker rocker-y (an old musical term I cannot claim as my own).

Amanda X also does nice harmonies too, sometimes. And when they do so over those nice and crunchy guitars (that sometimes also bend!) it’s enough to break my heart.

As of his writing (12:51pm in Year of the Tucks Medicated Pad...again, for the careful Rockness reader) Amanda X is playing shows with Parquet Courts. Hey, I know that band! And personally, I think they should also play shows with the similarly good sounding bands All Dogs and Kittyhawk. And (you ready to join in now, careful Rockness readers?) I SHOULD MIND MY OWN BUSINESS!

Thanks a lot! You guys have been great! Hall & Oates and Dead Milkmen are coming up! But first! Let me hear you put your hands together for the band coming out now to sing their smash hit new song, “Motown Philly!” Ladies and Gentlemen, Boyzzzzzzz II MENNNNNN!!!!!

(ps: the other good Philly bands I’ve recently written about are: Caytena + Waxahatchee + Swearin’ + Radiator Hospital + some others probably- but that’s not important now.)

Published December 3, 2013



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