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American Pleasure Club

Written by Patrick McNamara

Teen Suicide might not be called Teen Suicide for much longer.

“Changing our band name after this last record (Honeypot). Sorry for the dumb name we chose it a long time ago w/o thinking about any negative implication about it and regret that." - Teen Suicide's bandcamp

Makes sense!

This mystifying band from Maryland (born circa 2009 A.D.) has been rocking a sound that's VERY hard to pin down and put in a box and categorize and pigeonhole for several years now. But I'll try. So help me blob I'll try.

Teen Suicide is a lo fi ambient fever dream. Teen Suicide is an inscrutable post pop happening. Teen Suicide is a garden of flowers. Teen Suicide is a tower of fear. Teen Suicide is the Industrial Revolution. Teen Suicide is the tear drop on the windshield. Teen Suicide is the sun, the moon, the skies. Teen Suicide is high.

Hope the above description allows you to better bend your mind around this band. Probably not, though! Don't blame me, please. It's this band's fault they are so original. (If you're looking for names of other bands comparable in sound to Teen Suicide, I can't help you with that, man.)

Somehow I'm getting the sense that words really aren't gonna do it here.

It might be better if you just gave Teen Suicide's latest sprawling inscrutable album “It's The Big Joyous Occasion, Let's Stir The Honeypot" a spin (all 26 songs, please, as they all sound totally different). It's right down there - waiting.

So sit back, relax, and let these baffling and beautiful vibes have their way with you.

RIP, Teen Suicide.

Hello, ________.

Published June 13, 2016



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