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Written by Patrick McNamara

American Wrestlers is the super solid lofi pop project of St. Louis (via Manchester, England) resident, Gary McClure.

(he has a real band now so it's not weird those other people are also in that picture).

McClure used to be in that band Working For A Nuclear Free City who I totally profiled on this very blob eight and a half years ago (time, you be craze) but they're long gone from existence now and that profile probably should be too.

But those were different days.

Basically, after making the move across The Pond (to be closer to The Gateway Arch and his girlfriend-now-wife) this guy recorded a bunch of songs on an old 8-track and put them up as an album on Bandcamp because why the hell not let's just see what happens and what happened was people were really into it and then the excellent record label Fat Possum swooped in somewhere circa 2015 A.D. and was like “let us re-release this goodness, Gary McClure" and he was like “alright, Fat Possum" and so they did.

Here are two songs from that debut album.

Please love listening to them whenever you're ready to listen to good songs.

But let's move up towards more modern times, shall we?

In 2016 A.D. the second American Wrestlers album will be released (maybe it already has been, depending on when you're reading this really great band profile I never plan on updating) and this DIY music blob is betting it's gonna be good because already we have this good song from it and there's no reason to think there won't be more with that came from.

It just makes sense.

In summation, I think this band kinda sounds like Phoenix.

Well. Just Gary McClure's voice, mostly.

Who do you think American Wrestlers kinda mostly sounds like?

Please tell me in the comments section this DIY music blob has never had.

Published September 26, 2016



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