((Armor for Sleep)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Recently, I made the mistake of making a playlist before having some friends over to my apartment (they came over to make S'mores and work on the Rose Bowl Parade float we're designing). Geez, talk about leaving yourself vulnerable to attack! About halfway into my amazing playlist (right after Genghis Tron) an Armor for Sleep song popped up on the stereo. One of my nameless friends furrowed his brow and said, "Blech! This music is terrible." And I was like, "Oh really? What's terrible about this music exactly? Is it the super catchy choruses fueled by climactic power chords? Do you take issue with that one awesomely dramatic part in the song where all the instruments take a one-second break except for that killer cymbal crash? Is it the nice, pretty vocals and harmonies that piss you off? Do you think it's terrible because this particular song happens to be about love and raindrops?" And to this my friend replied, "Yes. All of the above." And to that I said, "Well, too bad. That's emo, bro," and promptly burnt his marshmallow. I refuse to feel guilty for any of it.
Published October 17, 2007



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