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Written by Patrick McNamara

Battle Ave are a band of four (Jesse + Sammi + Adam + Slam) from Bearsville, NY (2 hours and 24 minutes from NYC in current traffic according to Google but wait just one more hour for the evening rush and only the gods know how long it will take you to get to and fro) that play sprawling, pretty rock soaked in ennui that shimmers with subdued poignancy. This is a grower, this group. Give them space, give them time, and maybe just maybe you'll find what you've been searching for even though you didn't even know you were looking, man.

The band released their debut album back in 2011 and after some lineup changes, quiet Catskills contemplation, and sonic shape shifting, Battle Ave have finally released their follow-up album. It's called “Year of Nod" and it's good and you can stream the entire thing below due to my finding it for you on the World Wide Intrasphere. Like their first album, this one was recorded and produced by Kevin McMahon (he's done albums with The Walkmen + Titus Andronicus + Widowspeak + Real Estate + so many more good bands I'm just scratching the surface due to time constraints) and that guy is really good at his job.

After a long layoff from playing shows, Battle Ave are back on the go again (because this fine new record ain't gonna sell itself - speaking of which you can buy it here from Seagreen Records), having recently played shows in NYC (still 2 hours and 24 minutes from Bearsville according to Google but the witching hour nears) with bands like Baked and Rivergazer and Lost Boy? and those are just the bands I've also written kind words about that's why they're linked like that. Next time Battle Ave play you should go see them. And I should mind my own business.

Please enjoy streaming “Year of Nod."

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Published June 2, 2015



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