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Brooklyn's Bear in Heaven are a band with some seriously pretty and soaring pop melodies. Sometimes these melodies are downright orchestral, if I do say so myself. But here's the interesting thing that makes me keep listening to these guys; at other times, Bear in Heaven's melodies stop soaring and just get kind of drone-y and noisy and psych-y. So put those experimental musical tangents in your definition of pop, all you pop definers (I'm arguing with myself).

I guess you could kind of compare this band to Grizzly Bear meets someone like Oneida, but that's just a comparison for comparison's sake. It's clear form the outset that Bear in Heaven does its own thing. The band was formed by the uber-talented vocalist/songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist Jon Philpot, and it also includes drummer Joe Stickney (hey, he's also played in Panthers), guitarist/bassist Adam Wills, and bassist/keboardist Sadek Bazarra.

This band has been rocking around for awhile now, and with so much talent, it's quite surprising they've managed to hangout under the indie rock superstar radar. But maybe as more people listen and appreciate the uniqueness going on here, that will all change.

Bear in Heaven have the follow-up to their debut album coming out on Hometapes in the fall of 2009. If it's amazing, which it might be, Bear in Heaven will again reinforce that bands with bear in their name just can't lose.
Published September 23, 2009



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