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Beat Connection is a fantastically catchy electro-pop duo from Seattle. (They can make sun-pop in rainy Seattle too, don't you know.) And by the way, when I say this is catchy, I mean catchy.

This band's (mostly) instrumental synth goodness has gotten my electric hit maker machine (also known as a "ghetto blaster") stuck on repeat for days now. I can't get enough of these mellow, mid-tempo synth riffs. Yep. This must be what happiness sounds like. I'm into it.

As mentioned, Beat Connection can be comfortably classified as electro-pop, which means I guess you could dance to this if you wanted. People dance to electro-pop, right? I don't. But people do.

I find Beat Connection is best listened to when doing other work. You know... soul sucking work. That way, the soul sucking work is at least vaguely bearable. It's hard for your soul to suck when listening to sun-pop, after all. Put on this band and even Excel will seem like a magical wonderland.

If you like bands like MillionYoung, Teen Daze, and Junior Boys, you'll definitely like Beat Connection. You'll also like them if you like music. And pizza.
Published August 4, 2010



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