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Written by Patrick McNamara

Brooklyn’s Beverly are Drew Citron and Frankie Rose (live, it’s Drew and a revolving crew - Frankie went to Hollywood). This is distorted pop goodness that swirls towards a breezy kind of musical transcendence. Could this band be your new favorite band of the summer? Sure, they can. You can easily kick back and chill to Beverly while your feet clutch the sand, man. But this is way better than your regular bland beach music. Beverly has bite. Bet.

Here’s what you’re going to get when you get into Beverly’s goodness. Smooth harmonies. Sweet melodies. And steady riffs that aren’t afraid to get a little dirty. It’s a bright sound that bends towards the night. Does that make sense? No? Good. Because it’s a cracked-up world. And the test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. F. Scott said that. And maybe he knew a thing or two.

So…. Beverly are like a festive fisticuff session... a scrap in the sun. Palm trees are pretty... but there are bugs living up in those mugs. Go ahead and drink your late night margarita near the crashing waves and marvel at the beauty of the cosmos... just remember to consider that many of those pretty stars lighting up the night may already be dead. Sic Transit Gloria.

But moving on, Beverly’s debut album “Careers” is out now* on the seemingly forever-excellent label Kanine Records. You should get it. And I should mind my own business.

File Under: reality trumping good dreams

RIYL: small acts of kindness

(*ok technically Beverly's record hasn’t been released yet at this very minute that I’m writing these very words - but as of this writing the album’s release date of July 1st is only two weeks away - and why write a qualifier like “the record is out soon” when that’s going to be so quickly outdated because these profiles are the only things in the cosmos that last forever, you know?)

Published June 16, 2014



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