((Black Horse)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

While this Brooklyn band's name may tempt you to instantly forget them in the sea of bands with "Black" or "Horse" in their name, Black Horse's music should not be overlooked. When I first heard this dynamically distorted duo, I thought their music sounded something like a cross between Hot Snakes and Perry Farrell (mostly, that's just on their song "Changrila," though). Then I thought that there's no way this band can only be comprised of two people. Yet, it is.

Singer/guitarist April Goettle and guitarist A.P. Shroder rock explosive punk that just sounds big. Sure, they get some help filling out this sound from a demented drum machine, but these two know how to create something denser than the sum of their parts. They've been compared to Steve Albini's big three bands; Shellac, Big Black and Rapeman. And I definitely hear that. There's a raw edge to these songs that scratch and grate and claw their way to the surface. Black Horse make music that's mucky and dirty and good.
Published February 7, 2008



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