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Written by Patrick McNamara

Northampton’s Blessed State put out a demo awhile back that I liked when I stumbled on it. This was maybe 9 months or so ago. It could have been a year - six months - whatever - time flies and I just blob along.

I was going to write about this solid shred band then. But since the four songs on that thing were not of the most recent variety (what was 2012 even LIKE, man?) I made the judgement call after very careful consideration, pondering, and prayer to wait until they had their next thing before spreading their goodness to everyone on the World Wide IntraSphere. And I'm pleased to say that day has finally arrived...almost five months after they released that next thing. Oh well. A day late and buck short yet again.

Yes. On June 24, 2014 A.D. Blessed State released their first “proper” album. Two things concerning that. #1 “Head Space” has excellent manners and #2 it shreds. You should get into it. And I should mind my own business. I'm going to let you stream it in a minute but first I want to sling some more dynamic digital words.

This melodic sludge punk is made by shrieker Brian Frenette + shredder Rob Flaglor +.bassist Kiana Saroce + drummer Andrew McCarthy who I really loved in “Weekend at Bernie’s” and always thought he was very convincing in “Mannequin” as a dude in love with a doll. Yeahhhhh. That’s a different AC. HAHA. Goddamn it, drummer AC must have heard stuff like this a million times. Get that low hanging fucking fruit shit OUTTA HERE, Whoa My Suckness.

But back to the band. I don't know? What do you want to do next? Band comparisons? Everyone always seems to enjoy that game. OK. Um. Let’s see. Blessed State sounds like this band that shreds + this other band that shreds + all the bands on Kurt Cobain’s “sound collage” (when I put a bunch of good songs together it’s called a mixtape but when Kurt Cobain does it it’s a “sound collage) + everything else that doesn't suck. Hope that helps.

If you like melodic sludge punk you're going to like Blessed State. So help me blob. OK. You enjoy streaming this very proper album now. It shreds.

Published November 4, 2014



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