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Written by Patrick McNamara

Brooklyn's Bluffing are a band of four very lovely people (we’ve never met) that play super quick indiepop doo-wop that sometimes slings punk rock. Most of Bluffing's songs are under two minutes long and it will take you approximately sixteen minutes (super quick rough calculation) to decide if you like their entire full-length album “Sugar Coated Pills of Wisdom” they released earlier this year. I only needed thirty seconds to decide. Into it. Not lying.

The band started as a duo back in 2012 but then J Boxer (drums/vocals) and Olivia Drusin (guitar/vocals) decided they wanted to expand the fun because sometimes two is the loneliest number. So they asked Sammy Weissberg (guitar) and Madeline Babuka Black (bass/vocals) if they wanted to get in on this action and they both said “yeah.”

Here’s a #totally #true #fact about Bluffing. In 2014 we listed 35 of their shows on Rockness. Whoa that’s a lot of shows. Some of the bands they played with this year (which is 2014 A.D. if you’re a future Rockness reader) include: The So So Glos + Two Inch Astronaut + LVL UP. I like all those bands too. But I already wrote about them so there’s really no need to get into their goodness again.

OK, here’s that album I was telling you about two paragraphs earlier. You should play the whole thing because remember it’s only sixteen minutes (again, this is approximate - please don’t “quote me” on the album length as I failed Quantitative Skills 101 in college) and I don’t think sixteen minutes is too much to ask of anyone for anything. But all you really need is thirty seconds.

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Published December 8, 2014



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