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Written by Patrick McNamara

(I wrote new band profiles for American Football + Mineral + Braid all on the same day. And that day is May 21st. The year is 2014. A.D. I just thought you should know.)

Braid was formed in 1993 at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. But I was into them when they were Friction. Somehow nobody seems impressed when I bring this up. When I went to school at U of I in 1997, it seemed like Braid was playing a show on campus every weekend. That’s probably because they sort of did. House parties. Basements. Classrooms. Braid was down for whatever.

Often lumped into the “emo” category (probably because they were emo), Braid ultimately put out three good albums before calling it quits in 1999 (they put out some more stuff post-breakup and singer/guitarist Bob Nanna went on to form Hey Mercedes and such as and so forth). And just like American Football and Mineral (again, that segue is seamless only if you read those two other band profiles I also wrote today on May 21st in 2014), time has treated Braid well. Sometimes that happens when you give good emo bands over a decade of space.

I’m writing to tell you that Braid are back together (you probably already knew that - they have been for awhile now) and they are coming out with their first new album in 16 years. Did you know that, though? No. That EP from a few years ago doesn’t count. So don’t listen to it.

Below is a new song called “Bang” off their upcoming album, “No Coast.” You’ll perhaps notice Braid sound like Shudder to Think now. I will also post one of my old favorite Braid songs, too. What the hell. Let's get crazy. It’s called “Urbana’s Too Dark” and it's from Braid's 1998 album “Frame and Canvas.” You'll perhaps notice it sounds like Braid.

(And Urbana really is too dark. That old cow town almost killed me.)

Published May 20, 2014



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