((Breton)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

London's Breton is a band that wants to make your senses explode. I bet that would hurt. But maybe it would be worth it? Guess it depends on how much they charge for admission.

Breton (who recently signed to FatCat) create pulsing, glitchy-clicky stutter-step dance music that's been compared to electronically melodic artists like Friendly Fires and James Blake and Massive Attack. But the music is just the start of the Breton vision.

These five lads also create mind-blowing, award-winning (so I hear... so I hear) multimedia displays on stage to go along with their dubby machine-made booms. These imaginative projections of the moving image (which are spliced together live by one member who doesn't play any instruments... just edits.... good work if you can get it) are dreamed up in the home all the members share. They call it BretonLABS. And oh yeah, BretonLABS is a big abandoned bank. Of course it is. One can't create visionary multimedia soundscapes in an ordinary old FLAT.

So definitely feel free to give Breton a listen below but just know that pressing play only tells part of the story. You need to go see these guys live. Because you're not just going to a Breton show - you're going to a SHOW. They'll knock the sight and the sound and feel and the taste right out of your mouth. Well, maybe not the taste. The taste can stay.

Published September 5, 2012



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