((Broken Water)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Broken Water are a trio from Olympia that play post-punk shoegaze that's darkly melodic. Their songs go all noisy and sludgy and swirly and distorted-y and, well, have you ever heard of this up-and-coming band called Sonic Youth? I think they're from New York City or something? Broken Water kind of sound like that band Sonic Youth - but maybe a little more shrouded in melancholy.

All three members (drummer Kanako Pooknyw + guitarist Jon Hanna + bassist Abigail Ingram) share vocal duties. You know, like the Partridge Family. And all three of the peeps in this band sound like they're singing about something sad (that's my guess anyway... I can't really hear the lyrics over the intense "wall of sound" - thanks a lot for that invention of yours, Kevin Shields).

But what you really need to know about Broken Water is that this band is super tight and rocks out. That tends to happen when you have a couple hundred shows under your belt. And, you know, you're good. Get Broken Water's most recent album on Hardly Art. You'll be glad you paid someone money for it. And for goodness sake, go see them play next time they're around. I mean, that's what these band profiles are all about, right? Right, guys? Right? Guys?

Published July 3, 2012



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