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Written by Patrick McNamara

Here’s a wonderful band that mixes good guitar jingle jangle with vocals from a world weary troubadour. And that already strange pairing is often offset by pretty female harmonies. Bet you haven’t heard that mashup too often in the musical rock ‘n roll, eh? I don’t know why I just said “eh.” Bunny’s a Swine are from Northampton. And that’s in Massachusetts - not Canada. But they’re still pretty good, eh? And if you start streaming their fine album down there now, it’ll make the rest of this band profile much pleasant.

I cannot, will not, shall not claim that Bunny’s a Swine is an indiepop band and simply leave it at that. Sure, there’s the good jingle jangle thing to consider (and it is quite good). And sure, the trio (Emerson! Dustin! Candace!) like to make it all melodic and energetic and have things bounce a bit. But this ain’t just indiepop. Because this jingle jangle melodic bouncy pop has seen a few things in its day, son.

Bunny’s a Swine’s songs ain’t about a college crush gone wrong, son! It ain’t about a good game of kickball and the fellowship found in that empty Denny’s parking lot that one Tuesday in June! It ain’t about holding hands and wondering if the cutie likes me! This is real life. This is grown-up stuff. Bunny’s a Swine is about being bitter and drunk all the time and having your power go out again and being at the bottom and if this is all there is maybe I should just go take another shower then. Who cares if you get the cutie. This is real life, son!

If you failed to pay heed to my advice from before, I’m now extending you another offer to enjoy Bunny’s a Swine’s super solid new album “Calling Out” in streaming form. I really like it. And you’re going to like it too...or I don’t know you at all. And considering we’ve spent the last nine years together, I think we know each other prettttttty well at this point. For example, I know you love pizza. I know you love finding money on the ground. And I know you love feeling loved. I got 3 out of 3, right? That’s OK. You don’t need to tell me. I already know. And you know, too.

In summation, Bunny’s a Swine is a pretty good band, eh? #reallife #realtalk #truespit

Published December 9, 2013



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