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Master Otem Rellik
Colorado's Candy Claws composed their acclaimed new album Hidden Lands on keyboards. No big deal, right? Everyone is doing the synth thing these days, yes? Well, kinda. But the two people in Candy Claws (Ryan Hover and Kay Bertholf) didn't really know how to play the keyboard. So there's that.

Of course, they are fine musicians so they figured it out and produced a sound most people who know how to play the keyboard wouldn't think to produce. And it sounds, well, just darn right dream-y in a strange sort of way.

Live, this band has eight members. So this keyboard wonderment sounds even bigger and even... weirder. This is a very orchestrated and calculated listening/viewing experience. There's craftsmanship going on here that even non-musicians can sense. Kind of the same feeling you get when seeing Animal Collective do their thing.

I guess you can call this pop, but it's not traditional pop. It's more like pop that makes you feel kind of out of sorts. Like a funhouse mirror. Everything is just a bit off. Perfectly planned that way by Candy Claws, of course.

Fans of A Lull would be into this. And wow, if I tried to make an album using an instrument I didn't know how to play it would sound GOD AWFUL. So props to Candy Claws.
Published August 12, 2010



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