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Written by Patrick McNamara

Casual is a band of four (Liz! Joe! Jeff! Mike) who play pop punk in the style of Flemington, New Jersey. Catchy duel guy/girl harmonies over good guitars and snappy drums. What more do you want? Please don’t tell me. I already know. You want to read more. And then maybe have a chance to listen to them for yourself. Don’t worry. I’m getting there, baby.

Let’s be honest. On the real tip. The reason I first checked out Casual was because as of this writing (11:15am on 3/18 in the Year of the Trial-Sized Dove Bar) I noticed the band was playing an upcoming show with LVL UP + Chumped + Adult Dude (I noticed this on Oh My Rockness, btw. Yeah. I use my own shit). And I like all those up-and-comers and even recently wrote kind words about them. Wow! Mint! Rare! So based on that one upcoming show alone, I figured chances were good that Casual would be a good too. I was right.

This is a band you should listen to if you’re in a good mood. Please note. If you’re in a bad mood Casual probably won’t put you in a better one. I used to think music worked like that. But I don’t think that’s true anymore. Not even when we’re talking about pop punk. I think music heightens pre-existing feelings. Not transforms them. But we can talk about this later. How’s Thursday at 5:30pm at your local thinking drink tank of choice? Somewhere with wings please. Thanks. Chill.

Stream this Casual record right quick. Again, only if you’re in a good mood. If you’re not in a good mood, do what Casual exclaims to start off the catchy pop punkiness. COUNT TO FIVE!

Then consider everything you’ve got going on in your life. Just the fact that any of us are even here is a miracle of the highest order.

And I hope you remember that, man.

Published March 17, 2014



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