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Do you like bands that rock light shows and lasers while making exceptionally catchy (and dare I say "funky") electro-dance-rock? Of course you do. If you didn't like light shows and lasers, you'd just be a show-going robot that happened to have a heartbeat. No wait, even robots like lasers and light shows. Robots rule.

You know what else rules? Bands like Chicago's Chandeliers. No, wait. Scratch that. Bands "like" Chandeliers don't rule, bands "such as" Chandeliers rule. Just felt the need to clarify that in case you thought I was saying you should go see bands that are similar to Chandeliers, when actually you should just go see the real thing.

So what makes Chandeliers so sweet that they deserve this many redundant sentences? Well (besides the lasers and lights, of course) this band comes at you with big-time beats and badass bass thumps. And you haven't heard it all before. Originality with techno-electro-whatever-we're-calling-this? Hardly happens. But it did just happen, because Chandeliers just did it.

These guys have shared the stage with lots of good bands: Javelin, The Very Best, Yeasayer and Sleigh Bells to name a few. But pretty soon other band write-ups will say, "This band has shared the stage with Chandeliers... what more do you need to know?" Not yet. But maybe someday. Some grand day.
Published April 28, 2010



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