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Photo Cred: Angel Ceballos

Written by Patrick McNamara

Seattle’s Chastity Belt are a band of four college friends (Annie + Gretchen + Julia + Lydia met at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington which is easily my favorite city and state to say out loud) who make lo-fi jingle-jangle slacker punk sweetness. I bet they're going to be pretty big time very soon (you heard it here FOURTH) because everything seems to be coming up roses for this relatively new crew.

The band are set to release their new album “Time To Go Home” on Hardly Art soon (home to: Hunx and His Punx + Jacuzzi Boys + Fergus & Geronimo + just lots of good band, really). But guess what? I've already heard the entire thing (some super Music Industry Insider connections allowed me to source it from some other blob's intrapage on the World Wide Intrasphere) and I'm here to tell you it's super good. That jingle-jangle, though.

Additionally (as of this writing - 11:38 AM in the Year I Am Writing This A.D.), Chastity Belt are currently taking over SXSW and the buzz can be heard from Austin, Texas all the way to Walla Walla, Washington. I just thought you should know.

Chastity Belt will follow up their festival domination with a massive tour with supreme Australian slacker punk Courtney Barnett soon. She’s great and that’s a perfect sound pairing but it’s kind of too bad the band's breakout tour couldn’t have been with Purity Ring. Chastity Belt playing with Purity Ring just has a nicely innocent ring to it. Someday, dear Rockness reader. Someday.

Here’s a song from that new record for you to enjoy. Good news. There’re more good songs where this good song came from.

(Please note: this will be an old song from an old record if you happen to be reading this profile in the future because we keep these things live on the site forever and do you even remember SXSW 2015?)

Published March 16, 2015



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