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Written by Patrick McNamara

Cheerleader are five guys (Joe! Chris! Paul! Josh! Carl!) from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania!) creating hazy psych pop that seems to carry fuzzy notions that sitting around and chilling is the very best thing a dude and/or dudette can do. I can’t say I disagree. No, sir. No, ma'am. Because I’m just chilling and listening to Cheerleader right now instead of writing about them. Just gimme a few more minutes to glide along to these breezy tunes, baby. I'll get to the dynamic music content extremely soon.

(fourteen hours elapse.)

Done. Ahhhh. OK! So you wanna know more about what Cheerleader’s sound is all about? I sure do hope so! Because I’m gonna tell you anyway, dear Rockness reader. Here’s how it’s gonna go down. Follow along now. In order to bake a proper Cheerleader, what you wanna do is take two cups of Kurt Vile, drop in a splash of The War on Drugs, grab yourself a pinch of Real Estate and throw that in, too. Next, I want you to empty that can of gasoline on that faux marble counter top over there, fish out a match from the junk drawer, and light this stupid band comparison trope on fire and then let's all watch it explode.

(even though i pretended to be above the process i still just compared Cheerleader to the bands I wanted to compare them to - but I did so in a unique and refreshing way that the self-aware kids of today can really understand and relate to - wow! mint! rare!)

Go ahead and stream these two Cheerleader songs below and I think you'll better understand the chillness you're up against here. Listen and sense all your earthly cares sail right on by. Later, problems. We're all booked up here. We're straight in the middle of an epically easy breezy laid-back time. And we ain't got no vacancies.

Published January 13, 2014



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