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Cherry Cola Champions

Written by Patrick McNamara

Cherry Cola Champions is a melodic punk duo (names = Jesse! Anthony!) from Kent, OH. And they be good. Is you like 2 no more on my muzik blob?

Cool. Moving on from whatever that was. So yeah, these two dudes play the punk rock. I’ve somehow managed to already go over that. But I need to explain this further. Because the people deserve to hear the truth.

The way Cherry Cola Champions rock their punk is kind of off-kilter - in that eccentro-pop kind of way. Sure. They like the riffs and zooms and the boom boom booms typical of punk. But they also like to go all noodle-y too. You know what I mean by noodle-y? If you are over 30 or a student of ancient musical history circa 1997, you most surely do. Things just sound slightly unhinged - in that typical eccentro-pop style we all have come to know and love. (please note: for ten years I’ve been trying to get eccentro-pop to take off as a music genre term- and i will not rest until it does - so help me Blob).

I also personally appreciate that Cherry Cola Champions go for it with the vocals. There ain’t no mumbles here, son. I hear it loud and clear. Reach for those high notes, you harmonious men. And don’t you dare stop until you grab them off a shining star.

An important additional key piece of industry insider intel regarding this band that I would be remiss not to mention: Cherry Cola Champions are exactly the kind of band I want to sing along to when I’m cleaning my apartment. Singing and cleaning is the best. It’s not always easy on my health though. Sometimes I get a disorientated and confused straining to nail high notes like these while also breathing in the fine aromas of my favorite poisonous solvent. This most often happens while scrubbing the tub. But playing this dangerous fainting game is worth it for the favorable acoustics the bathroom brings. End intel.

Cherry Cola Champions just released a split with Kittyhawk. Hey! I wrote nice words about that band too! That’s why their name is linked! Wow! Mint! Rare! Below I have posted their album that’s not the split I just mentioned. Because that would be playing it too “safe.” A little too “on the nose.” And we must keep things “spicy” around here. Gotta stay ALT. For the alts.

Published January 6, 2014



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