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Christine Edwards
Detroit's Child Bite is a band that's definitely doing its own thing. This bizarre high energy art-punk collective rocks guitars, plenty of bass, joysticks, synths, woodwinds, drums, theremins, and seemingly whatever other toys happen to be lying around to create a jubilant sound that jumps straight out of your bookshelf speakers and into your living room.

When I first listened to singer Shawn Knight, I thought his distinctive wail was similar to the late, great Ten Grand punk singer, Matt Davis. And sometimes Child Bite exhibits a little bit of that Les Savy Birds Are Now! speedy spazz.

But really, this band doesn't sound like a whole lot of other bands. Their originality (how strange!) is surely the curse of every lazy music writer.

Live, these guys leap and bound all over the place, doing that sweaty punk twitch as they let their mish-mash of instruments rip. You know David Byrne's arm chop move? That's the move you should do when you see Child Bite.
Published December 3, 2008



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