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Christie Front Drive

Christie Front Drive was one of my very favorite bands back in the college days. Yep, they really got me through some tough times as I struggled to get that degree in TV/VCR repair. But I made it through because of the sweet melodies of CFD (although half of my career was ruined shortly thereafter with the advent of the Laserdisc).

Christie Front Drive was one of the original "emo" bands back when "emo" meant "good" and not "why do I feel like punching you, dear singer." Led by singer Eric Richter, the short lived band was one of the best at mixing punk with pretty. And their punk pretty (not to be confused with 'pretty punk') music still holds up today, even as we come upon 15 years post-breakup (holy shit!).

I still listen to their only proper full-length, Stereo at least once a month, and their hard-to-find song "Bag" may be in my Top 10 of all time (then again, so is the Gummi Bears theme song so...). Similarly, "Fin" is one of the greatest wallowing songs ever. You want to wallow, you put that song on.

So it's a special thrill to present Christie Front Drive's Brooklyn reunion show @ The Bell House on 7/30/11. It's going to rule. And it's going to sell out. So you should get your tickets now. Because we want you there to rock out right along side us (we don't rock out often, but when we do, look out).

So who's with me? I tell you what, as added motivation, bring your broken down VCR to the reunion show and I'll fix that shit for you on THE SPOT.
Published June 23, 2011



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