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I liked this band the minute I heard the first beat. Philly's Cold Cave is an exceptional new foursome led by an ex-hardcore guy named Wesley Eisold (formerly of the beloved punk bands, Some Girls and Give Up the Ghost). But Eisold's past resume aside, punk this is definitely not.

Cold Cave is slightly dark and sort of dancey synth pop that, fine, sounds a little like Joy Division maybe (mostly due to Eisold's baritone), but Cold Cave is probably more melodic and definitely less morose that JD. These are just really catchy electronic songs that are, at times, even bouncy.

Don't misunderstand. We're not talking Simian Mobile Disco here. There are too many layers and music manipulations going on to file this with all of the other good electro-dance bands in your collection. There's something deeper at work, and I'll keep digging 'til I figure out what exactly works so well.

Look for a 12" from Cold Cave out on the always-on-target What's Your Rupture? label (Tyvek, Love is All, Nodzzz).

Published April 29, 2009



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