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Have I really not written about France's College before today? What the hell is wrong with me? I've been loving David Grellier's (aka College) knob-twiddling deep-synth instrumental jams for a couple years now.

College's "Teenage Color" EP was long in my heavy rotation when it came out in 2008 (if you missed it, go back and start with that title track - it's an amazing dance jam). And that's right around the time I also got into all the bands in his electronic collective called "Valerie" (Anoraak, Outrunners, Minitel Rose etc).

But only recently has College found (relative) fame on this side of the Atlantic. You saw "Drive" right? You know the song "A Real Hero" that plays in the final scene and pretty much makes the entire movie worth watching? That was a College song (with help from Electric Youth).

College doesn't tour the States much, so when he does you should go. Don't expect anything crazy on stage. I saw him at this year's SXSW and he just sort of stands over his laptop and, you know, twiddles his knobs. But machine hoverer or not, this dude knows how to make straight-up JAMS (I believe I've mentioned this already). And those jams (reference #4) are going to sound even better coming out of a venue's sound system than your little computer speakers.

So go see College and let the jams (#5) be JAMS (#6).

Published June 11, 2012



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