((CoolRunnings)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Tennessee's CoolRunnings is the catchy eccentro-electro-pop project started by Forrest Ferguson and Brandon Biondo. Biondo was in that band Royal Bangs, who we've been into for a couple of years now (they even played a Rockness show once).

Though started by two, CoolRunnings has now morphed into an 8-member collective. So the band's oddly distorted noise-pop, and sort of danceable synths, and wonderful electro-gaze melodies, all sound that much bigger these days.

CoolRunnings throw a crazy hybrid of all sorts of scattered and strange sounds at you; sunshine-pop, surf-rock, some world music weirdness, psych, and a whole bunch of beats. These disparate sonic elements may come from all over the place, but thrown together, they all work as one to create something that works; something you can almost sing along to.

CoolRunnings is strange, but somehow satisfyingly accessible. The band is currently (October 2010) playing shows with two of our other favorites, MillionYoung and Baths. And you can get their record on Arcade Sound LTD (also home to Teen Daze).
Published October 13, 2010



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