((Cosmetics)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

This sound is going to sound familiar to you. Vancouver, Canada's Cosmetics are a duo (comprised of Nic M and vocalist Aja Emma) that play the same kind of sinister synth noir that Glass Candy and Chromatics and all those "Drive" soundtrack bands rocked a few years ago. It's definitely dark, and heavy on the bass; it's sparse, and it features a whole lot of foreboding synths that sound straight out of 1987 (those same synths came back circa 2002, but we're not keeping score here). Cosmetics are for bad asses in black leather who sit around and brood over broken dreams. Or, they're for music fans who want to go out and hear pretty good songs on a Friday or Saturday night because it sure beats staying in and watching Netflix. One of the two.

You know, Cosmetics would make me feel slightly uneasy if it wasn't so catchy. So I just don't know what to feel anymore. Get the Cosmetics 7” on Captured Tracks (DIVE, Blouse, Heavenly Beat, Wild Nothing etc.) and look for a debut full-length soon.

Hey, you've probably heard this sound before, but so what. You can be fine with hearing it again.

Published March 7, 2012



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