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I know this may sound bad to some, but Crystal Skulls kind of sound like Squeeze. But whether or not you're a fan of "Pulling Muscles from a Shell" should have little bearing on your feelings for Crystal Skulls. This brand-new band from Seattle is really, really catchy. They have this one song called "Hussy" on their debut album, Blocked Numbers that, in a perfect world, shouldve been the hit of Spring 2005. It wasn't. But their latest album, Outgoing Behavior will give them a second shot at springtime fame.

Singer Christian Wargo's playful lyrical skills and eccentric sliding vocals (that's where Squeeze comes into play) propels this band beyond the indie rock ordinary. Crystal Skulls are a distortion-free guitar band that (and this comparison might make you feel more at ease) could easily play on the same bill as The Shins or Rogue Wave. If you like Squeeze, you'll like these guys. If you don't like Squeeze, but like pop, you'll like these guys. If you don't like Squeeze and don't like pop, you won't like these guys. But if this last option holds true for you, just so you know, you're a big hussy.
Published April 12, 2006



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