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Are we absolutely sure these guys are from Los Angeles? Darker My Love sounds like the vocals of Liam Gallagher's Oasis meets the dance bass beats of The Stone Roses with a little of the swirling psychness of Can. They must be from across that Pond somewhere.

Nevertheless, I guess we must accept as fact their American roots. But Darker My Love certainly appreciates Europe's long-standing love affair with the layered guitar sound. This is a band that really goes for guitars upon bass upon guitars upon bass.

And they're not afraid to aim for the FM-ready melodies too (especially on the song, "Two Ways Out"). Forget "underground cred" (if such a thing even exists anymore). If you're going to spend all that time practicing and driving and playing, you might as well actually have a chorus. Am I right, boys?

Darker My Love's latest album 2 is out now on Dangerbird (Silversun Pickups, Dappled Cities, Sea Wolf). Listen to it closely. Los Angeles? I'm suspect. Then again, Seattle's Jeremy Enigk sounded like he was a straight up cockney, so who knows.
Published October 20, 2008



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