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Chicago's Devin Davis does it all himself. Over two years in his home studio, he recorded and played all the instruments on his charmingly quirky, Lonely People of the World, Unite. Loneliness, in fact, is something Davis knows a lot about. How would you like to be producing and arranging at 3am in the dead of Chicago's winter? Actually that doesn't sound too bad if you had the talent to pull it off. And Davis certainly has talent... playing pianos, pedal steels, and horns, while outsourcing plenty of backup vocals.

Live, he has played both solo acoustic sets, and with a full backing band (which includes a baritone sax... yikes). Devin's music can best be described as a series of short, sweet, and playful anthems. His "clever rock" takes Neutral Milk Hotel's schizophrenic folk and couples it with Pink Floyd's heavy psychedelica swirls and Bob Dylan's stream-of-consciousness lyrics. With most of his songs running the 2-3 minute range though, there's little time for him to mess around too much. Davis may incorporate a free-flowing musical structure, but each individual song serves towards an understanding of his big picture... that loneliness sucks.
Published November 2, 2005



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