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Melbourne’s Dick Diver are three dudes and one lady (who sings some of the songs sometimes) that play solid, guitar jingle jangle pop. A lot of Australian bands are doing this jingle jangle thing most excellently these breezy days - Total Control (whose bassist is in Dick Diver) + Twerps (Chapter Music labelmates) + Eddy Current Supression Ring (member Mikey Young - also in Total Control - recorded Dick Diver’s album “New Start Again”) + Scott & Charlene’s Wedding (based in NYC now) + that’s just off the top of my head (thinking about it some more would lead to more examples but why think when you can type?). There’s an embarrassment of jingle jangle riches going on down there.

Dick Diver’s pop is very easy on the ears, friends. Very, very easy. And it’s not like Dick Diver doesn’t know they’re music is 1000% chill. They titled one of their songs “Hammock Days” after all. I’m glad they did. The first step to being chill is knowing that you’re chill. The second step is forgetting that you’re chill. The third step is to remember that you’re chill again. And only then, after you know and then forget and then remember, will you finally and truly and totally be chill. Like Dick Diver.

Listen to their song “Watch Damage.” We’ll conveniently embed it for you right below this nonsense. Isn’t that song great like the best of Real Estate? Cool. I think so too. Their new album “Calendar Days” is full of this kind of fineness. Embrace the jingle. Get into the jangle.

Published March 27, 2013



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