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Written by Patrick McNamara

Diners is a good band from Phoenix that plays "friendly rock and roll pop songs" straight outta the Valley of the Sun.

These easy breezy lo-fi tunes (catchy with just the right touch of whimsy) will put you in a better mood.... unless you have something super heavy hanging over your head that even friendly pop can't make better in which case hang in there, man.

This is really the work of one man, Tyler Broderick. He writes all the songs and sings (he's got a good croon) and plays all the instruments and stuff (electric guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, nylon string guitar, slide guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, piano, midi instruments, drums, omnichord, slide whistle, clave, sampling, skateboarding, sleigh bells on his latest album…. oh, is that all?) but he's had plenty of help from his friends over the years (no man is an island, yo) and live there's a whole crew with him up there.

Broderick has released a bunch of stuff since starting Diners circa 2011 and you can have a blast listening to all of that here.

However, I would like to focus your attention to the band's most recent album. It's called “Three" and it's good and it's coming out in a matter of days (this highly specific information will almost immediately outdate this band profile I never plan on updating before it's even had a chance to breathe but I don't give a shit) and you can stream several songs from it below.

I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to listen to good friendly rock and roll songs and maybe feel a bit better about things (unless, you know, things are just too heavy for even Superman to lift).

Published September 12, 2016



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