((Dinosaur Feathers)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Now this is harmonious melodic wonderment! Where has Dinosaur Feathers been all my life? Not possibly in Brooklyn?! This trio writes incredibly pretty pop with... yes... lots and lots of multi-part harmonies.

Multi-part harmonies rule. You want to know why? Because most bands can't pull them off. But Dinosaur Feathers can. And their music comes with just the right amount of quirk to keep things interesting. This quirk makes me want to kind of rock out, but it also kind of wants me to just sit back and crack a coconut. There's definitely a tropical thing going on here.

The band's best song might be a song called "Teenage Whore." Now, one wouldn't think a song titled "Teenage Whore" would make you feel like you were riding the most perfect wave on the most perfect summer day, the top of your sun-drenched head grazing the most perfect cloud on the underside of a pretty perfect heaven. No, I was just expecting to feel, I don't know, dirty or something. Who knew?

It's clear from the very first listen to Dinosaur Feathers that these three have got TALENT (take note, America!). As far as other band comparisons, who knows, the band say their influenced by Talking Heads. So take their word for it. But take my word that Dinosaur Feathers are going to be pretty damn popular. After all, who doesn't like multi-part harmonies? Everybody likes harmonies. Harmonies are like pizza!

Published May 5, 2010



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