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Distant Correspondent

Distant Correspondent is the brand new band of Edith Frost (you may have long loved her solo work - Drag City sure has) and David Obuchowski, singer/guitarist of metal shred masters Goes Cube (alums of our very first Oh My Rockness show - ahhh, we'll always have March Radness, guys).

This isn't Edith Frost fronting a metal band though. Let's just end that notion right there, bub. Highly doubt Goes Cube's drummer ever used brushes.

Distant Correspondent instead makes sparse, well-crafted dream-ish pop that slowly taps and swirls it's way toward melodies of the haunting sublime. Now, a less purple prose prone person might describe this band more succinctly as "soft shoegaze" or "hush core" or something. But I like employing purple prose whenever possible - for those are the words that soar on the wings of eagles over well-endowed trees towards the firmament of magical emptiness.

Some possible musical influences at work here with Distant Correspondent MAY include: Yo La Tengo. Stereolab. Spiritualized. Ride. Lush. Ida. American Analog Set. You know.... pretty bands.... like the color purple... and also pretty like those dead winter days when the barren trees bend and beg spring to come and take away their sad, lonely nakedness and once more allow them rise up towards the light and skies where eagles soar (*always comes back to eagles for some reason).

Published January 23, 2013



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