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Does It Offend You, Yeah?

If nothing else, England's Does it Offend You, Yeah? have come to take over the world armed with the right kind of name. As we've mentioned many times before, punctuation in your band's name is almost guaranteed to get you some online chatter. This electro-dance-spazz group from Reading were one of the bands everyone was buzzing about at SXSW, and not just because of their expert use of the question mark. Mostly it was because these guys have a completely sick light show when they play (see: Simian Mobile Disco).

The lights, the sensory overload, and the overall party pageantry at a Does It Offend You, Yeah? show, combined with their huge dance beats and big live-instrument riffs, is guaranteed to make everyone in the crowd think they're awesome. Whether or not Does It Offend You, Yeah's? hype is all due to smoke and mirrors is still up in the air. Can you see yourself playing these songs on your stereo at home? Who knows? But they sure know how to make modern electricity work for them in person. I'd definitely see them again. Oh, and they make good use of a cowbell too. For fans of Daft Punk and Justice.
Published April 1, 2008



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