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Written by Patrick McNamara

Well, shit. This is a damn good band. Why the curse words? I don't know. Just excited, I guess. I swear when I'm fucking happy sometimes. Pardon me, Moms.

New Orleans' Donovan Wolington (again - this is a band - not a person - although there are 5 persons in it - Neil on guitar/vocals! Matthew on guitar/vocals! Savannah on keys/vocals! Chris on bass! Michael on drums!) play joyful rambunctious party punk that swoops, slides, and bends towards a mighty poppy good time. You ever get into Rob Crow's old band Heavy Vegetable? This reminds me of that. But harder. A Heavier Vegetable.

Donovan Wolfington recently (April 8th - 2014 A.D.) released a 5 song EP called “Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark" on Topshelf Records. It's approximately 11 minutes long (I tallied the tracks super quick - so it might be more like 10 or 12 - it's hard to be precise when one is vigorously bopping their head - the numbers get all jumbled). It's a very happy listen. Please pay no attention to the fact that it starts with, “It is very likely that in one of these moments you are going to die." That's just in there to throw you off the party scent. It's called a red herring, guys. Everyone knows we're all going to live forever.

You know what? Instead of me just blobbing on about it, you should really listen to the entire EP right now. Hang on. I gotta find it and post it first. OK. Done. Now go do it. Please note. If you take yourself way too serious and 11 minutes is seriously way too much time for you to take out of your seriously busy day to play, how about just listening to song #2. It's called “Quitting" and it's 1 minute and 56 seconds long. Think you can spare that much time for goodness? I think you can. Because I believe in you.

In summation, this band is the shit.

File Under: almost slipping but catching yourself and then having a good laugh about it with your friends

RIYL: an open seat next to you on an airplane

Published June 23, 2014



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