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Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC’s Eaters are a dystopian synth punk duo (multi-instrumentalist/composer Bob Jones + recording engineer/sound designer Jonathan Schenke) that make lo-fi Moogcore - if that's even a thing - and it is - because I'm listening to it. Think the squiggly keyboard vibes of 1983 meets the glitch-y beats of 2075 meets the fucked up and pretty noise of now. It’s a nice and trippy journey - one that may take your mind all the way to Mars, man.

Eaters recently played shows with !!! + Protomartyr + Dan Friel and (as of this dynamic writing) are scheduled to play with Dan Deacon. Not to brag, but I’ve totally heard of all those guys. Hopefully this really cool researched information I just supplied helps you determine whether or not these guys are worth a few enjoyable minutes out of your day.

But if past playing partners isn't enough to sway you to give Eaters a shot, the band released a fine 10 song album wayyyyyy back in 2014 (which was, as of this writing, 7 days ago) on Dull Tools - the label run by Parquet Courts’ Andrew Savage and Future Punx’ Chris Pickering. It's good. You should tune in, turn on, and dropout to it. And I should mind my own business.

I’ll post that entire album below. You do what you want with it. But I’m turning it up. See you back on Planet Earth in approximately 30 minutes. Don’t worry. I’ll Instagram the entire trip.


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Published January 5, 2015



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