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London's Echo Lake is an enchantingly melodic band led by the floating, sweetly assured vocals of Linda Jarvis and the precise songwriting craftsmanship of Thom Hill (guitarist/production). Together, they create super lush and lovely sun-drenched pop that's like Galaxie 500 meets Beach House meets Velocity Girl meets Phil Spector meets Black Tambourine meets, well, you should know what I mean by now.

It's all very pretty and noisy and sunny and swirly. I'm pretty sure all the old fartsons would call this "shoegaze" but then again the old fartsons probably still call it "college rock," too.

As of this writing (September of 2069 – I'm writing this with my retinas while my jetboard drives me to my work sphere), Echo Lake are set to release their debut album for Slumberland. It's probably going to do very well because a.) the songs are good (that always helps) and b.) Slumberland is on an amazing album release streak lately - seriously, did they sell their soul to the Devil at the crossroads or something? (...oh wait, I think that was Ralph Macchio ...oh, just IMDB it). Anyway, Echo Lake. They're a good band. So... alright!

Published May 2, 2012



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