((El Guincho)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

This is music for your next beach party (hope Johnny and his gang don't show up!). Or, this is music to listen to while you have a fiesta on a yacht in Monte Carlo. Or, you know, just music for getting wasted alone at home. Barcelona's El Guincho is the optimistic one-man band of one Pablo Díaz-Reixa. Under the El Guincho moniker, Díaz-Reixa creates sunny songs full of peppy tribal percussion, lovely programmed drum loops, delightful dub, cheery Tropicalia and a whole lot of repetitive "world" rhythms that are strangely addictive.

His hypnotic dream-pop has often been compared to Animal Collective, but really this is closer to Panda Bear's Brian Wilson-inspired solo work. I also hear some Talking Heads influence in this too, though this is a lot more dance-y. El Guincho would be good to groove to as you sip the milk out of a freshly fallen coconut.

Díaz-Reixa has recently played shows with Architecture in Helsinki and HEALTH and is tapped to play one of our favorite music fests, 2008's Oya Festival in Oslo, Norway. One thing is for certain, there's nothing depressing about this guy's songs. This makes me feel HOT HOT HOT!
Published May 21, 2008



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