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Minneapolis duo Elite Gymnastics (comprised of James Brooks and Josh Clancey) create wonderful beat-driven club dusters that could be considered electro-hip-hop-chillwave if you wanted to take all parts of their sound into consideration. But I just consider them a band that makes me want to be a better man.

That's a joke (actually, they make me want to be a worse man), but these jams AIN'T NO JOKE, YO. These beats go crazy under sunny, synth-sampled skies. By the way, I am officially putting in an official request for this band to officially tour with Small Black. The two would be a perfect match.

Oh, and maybe Javelin can play too. Yeah! They can call it The Triple Crown Crusher! So... does anyone know how to submit an official request for something? Should I just let my fingers do the walking and search under "O"? Ok, I'll try it. Hmmm, so far I'm just getting a whole bunch of ophthalmologist listings. (New business idea: start Oh My Ophthalmologistness for the discerning ophthalmologist fan).

Well, we'll work on that official request. But in the meantime, let Elite Gymnastics work on your ass... because you'll be grooving to these guys' jams allllll nighttttt longgggggg. I said it. I believe it. That settles it.

h e r e , i n h e a v e n 2 by elite gymnastics
Published November 16, 2011



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