((Eternal Summers)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

We really like this band a lot. I guess that's kind of a given because we write these band profiles exclusively for our "Band We Like" section. But this band is so good, they deserve our Rockness redundancy.

What makes Eternal Summers so likeable? Well, to start, this duo (Nicole and Daniel) rocks that nice and clean guitar jingle-jangle sound. And if we know anything about ourselves (we know we like chicken burritos, but after that our self-analysis gets a little hazy), we know we're into the clean jingle-jangle.

Also, Eternal Summers have a bit of that laid back, blissful beach-y vibe we've been super down with lately (see Best Coast, Beach Fossils, Ducktails, Washed Out, Beach House, Neon Indian, Real Estate and...). The beach vibe is mostly because singer Nicole's soaring, breezy vocals immediately transport us to the sand somewhere as we get set to tap an ice cold Capri-Sun. Ahhh, Capri-Sun.

And finally, we really like Eternal Summers because Daniel and Nicole trade off guitar and drum duties. If there's one thing we like more than guitar jingle-jangle, it is flexibility. Definitely check out this Virginia duo. You'll be into it.

Published September 9, 2009



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