((EULA)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

EULA is a ferociously melodic Brooklyn trio that plays sludgy post-something jams that growl and shriek ( courtesy of powerful singer Alyse Lamb) their way towards an eccentrically satisfying explosion of sound. I definitely hear some Deerhoof influence here, especially when their rhythms sound like they're all hopped up on Ritalin.

And remember electroclash? I hear some of that too. Side note: I always thought electroclash sounded like someone clawing a chalkboard... but in that raw cool way, of course. I also hear the deep guttural rumbling bass booms of someone like... Torche?

Wait, Deerhoof meets electroclash meets Torche? No. That's definitely not right. Forget all that.

What EULA really plays is good old punk rock. You know you're listening to punk rock when you feel the music vibrate your bones. So get ready to get rattled.

EULA has recently played shows with Screaming Females, Dinosaur Feathers and Shark? (that's not a question, by the way).

If you haven't seen EULA yet, I'm guessing you'll have a chance to do so too. What you do with that opportunity to get punked is up to you.

Published October 20, 2011



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