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Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC's Evan Ønly is the alter ego of Family Portrait singer and Underwater Peoples co-founder (that's a good record label right there), Evan Brody. He makes '80s inspired synth-pop that I'm pretty sure I roller skated to when I went to this kid's birthday party in 4th Grade. Or, wait. Maybe I'm thinking of Human League. Or, Soft Cell. Simple Minds, maybe? Aww, hell, I don't remember. I was too distracted skating while holding another girl's hand for the first time. They could've been blasting John Cage for all I know. It couldn't have been louder than my pounding heart.

So yeah, this dude's digital analog jams are definitely a throwback to the days of poofy haired singers (made possible with Aqua-Net perhaps) in white sport coats and black t-shirts and red shoes dancing along to synths and drum machines and crooning about a shattered and most desperate kind of love, love, love. Wait. Maybe I'm just thinking of Rod Stewart's “Some Guys Have All The Luck" music video. But whatever. You know what I'm saying…..right?

Evan Ønly's (that 0 with a line through it will be the death of me - it's like, my keyboard can't just make that, man) forthcoming debut EP “No Matter What" will be released (shockingly) by Underwater Peoples in early 2014. It was produced by Kurt Feldman of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (please don't read that super dated band profile) and (more important to our situation here) The Ice Choir.

Now, if The Ice Choir and Evan Ønly don't team up and tour together, the '80s sound gods in heaven will be extremely angry at the waste of a perfect opportunity to revive and spread their gospel once more. Of course, they'll be forgiving once more if Evan Ønly ends up touring with somebody like Rick Astley or Simply Red or Go West or something instead.

Here's a good song for your streaming pleasure. And every time I play it, it makes my heart beat a little faster at the memory of that first scary and sweaty and sublime hand hold. Does anyone want to go roller skating later?

Published October 7, 2013



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