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Written by Patrick McNamara

Here’s what I think I know about Even Hand. They are three dudes (Mike on guitar/vocals! Dan on drums! Dominic on bass!). They are from New York (where in NY must be left up to the imagination). They are set to play some shows with Swearin’ soon (that information will almost surely be outdated by the time you read this - but I don’t care - because I have #punk #rock #ETHOS). They put out a tape on Stupid Bag Records (who also put out tapes by Waxahatchee and Radiator Hospital and other bands I haven’t recently profiled and thus won’t mention them). And CASSETTE CULTURE IS BACK, BABY.

(my first cassette tape was the single to the “Beverly Hills Cop” theme by Harold Faltermeyer and I’ve been off to the races ever since.)

That’s just the stuff I think I know. What I don’t know can move mountains. I don’t even know how to find a band picture of these guys! (a stock photo of some dude’s hand will have to do for now.)

The only thing I really need to know I already know. And this is that Even Hand are a really good band. I love this bendy guitar-driven grunge goodness. It sounds full and crunchy and it is littered with accessible, singable (and often earnest) melodies. Maybe that makes this Even Hand part of the #EMO #REVIVAL. But I sure as hell don’t know anything about that.

Sometimes Even Hand reminds me of Hum circa 1995. Is that a compliment? Yes, Virginia. Yes it is. Dominic’s bass playing also reminds me of Dianogah circa the same time. And that band comparison certainly ain’t an unkind word either. You know, I should really get out that Dianogah album. So good. But perhaps I’m straying…. guess I just got caught up in the #EMO #REVIVAL.

Please listen to this lovely self-titled Even Hand album. The whole thing. Don’t be cherry picking songs now. Start at #1 and end at #11. If you do all that I bet you like it. If you don’t I’m not doing an acceptable blob job. And I just wrote all these complimentary words for nothing. Not to mention posted an entire album. Do you know how long it took me to click copy and then click paste?!?! Listen to it. Like it. And don’t play me for a fool. I just don’t think I could take that heat.

I’m not worried. Even Hand are good. This I know I know.

(my first 7” was Wham! “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” - both that and “Beverly Hills Cop” were purchased at Venture - it was like the Target of Chicago before there was Target - Venture is long gone now - but I digress from such nostalgic memories - i guess i just got caught up in the #EMO #REVIVAL.)

Published January 27, 2014



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